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Within the depths of my being, I find that my artistic endeavors have been profoundly influenced by the rich tapestry of my performing experiences. Each encounter with visionary choreographers that has left an indelible mark, shaping the very essence of my creative expression. Moreover, my own personal journey as a teenager, traversing the vast expanse from the Middle East to the Western world, has added layers of depth to my artistic vision. It is through these amalgamations of joys and sorrows, triumphs, and tribulations, that my works have emerged, bearing the weight of my existence.

My creations stand as testaments to the power of the physical form, with every movement and gesture charged with profound meaning. They are a reflection of a rooted desire, one that seeks to forge emotional connections between the artists and the audience, binding hearts and souls in a shared experience. It is not merely about the spectacle; it is about delving into the very core of our being, unearthing raw emotions, and igniting a profound resonance within us all.

To embark on an emotional journey is among my primary aspirations. I strive to unravel the intricate threads of human experience, to delve into the recesses of our hearts and minds, and to provoke a myriad of emotions. It is in those vulnerable moments, when the boundaries between performer and spectator blur, that true magic unfolds. I yearn to draw you into the narrative of my creation, to intrude upon your emotions with unyielding force, and to awaken a curiosity and sensitivity towards your own organic self and the space you inhabit.

For me, art is a profound revelation, a force that breathes new life into our existence. I envision my works as vessels that transcend the physical, carrying with them the power to renew, to transform, and to unveil hidden truths. They are an invitation to embrace vulnerability, to explore the uncharted territories of our souls, and to be swept away by the currents of our emotions.

As I embark on this artistic odyssey, my goal is to create pieces that resonate on a deeply personal level, pieces that reach into the very depths of your being and leave an indelible imprint upon your heart. It is my fervent wish to touch upon the unspoken, to spark conversations that transcend language and culture, and to foster a profound connection between artist and audience. With every stroke of movement.

ABOUT the choreographer


Gagik Ismailian


Portuguese Nationality, of Armenian descent, born in Tehran.



- Studied in Tehran, Iran

- Continued study in the United Kingdom at the Legat School of Dance

- Furthered education at the Royal Ballet School in London

- Received Masters of Arts from The University of Surrey, Faculty of Arts and Human Sciences


Professional Experience:

- Joined Ballet Gulbenkian in Lisbon, Portugal as a principal dancer by invitation from Jorge Salavisa

- Performed contemporary pieces by renowned choreographers such as Hans Van Manen, Heinz Spoerli, Jiri Kylian, Nacho Duato, Olga Roriz, Milko Sparemblek, Vasco Wellenkamp, Carlos Trincheiras, Armando Jorge, Christopher Bruce, Louis Falco, Elisa Monte, and others

- Invited as a Principal Guest Artist to perform the role of Prince Albrecht in the classical production of Giselle at Teatro Municipal de Rio De Janeiro, Brazil

- Danced worldwide with Ballet Gulbenkian and the NDT - Nederland's Dance Theatre, including performances in Japan, Australia, USA, Africa, and Egypt

- Invited as an Artistic Director for the Croatian National Theater in Split

- Invited as a Ballet Master by various companies in Portugal, Europe, and Brazil.

Choreographic Achievements:

- Created numerous contemporary pieces commissioned by various national and independent dance companies

- Works performed in Europe, including Brazil

- Commissioned by City Ballet of São Paulo (Balé da Cidade de São Paulo) and Diadema Dance company in Brazil, as well as national theatres such as The Opera Ballet in Croatia (Zagreb, Split, and Rijeka) and National Opera of Ljubljana, Slovenia

- Awarded at International Festivals in Osaka, Japan and Stuttgart, Germany

- Invited dance instructor for Classical Dance Technique and Repertoire at Ballet Gulbenkian, Academy of Contemporary Dance (Setúbal), and Dance University in Lisbon

- Invited dance professor for Contemporary and Neoclassical Dance Technique and Choreographic Composition classes at Folkuniversitet Dance Department in Gothenburg, Sweden


Guest Dance Instructor:

- At the National Theater Split (Croatia), Balé da Cidade in São Paulo, and Slovenian National Theater


Performances and Recognition:

- Choreographic pieces performed at various international festivals and theatres, including Teatro del Madrid, Croatian National Theatre in Zagreb, Slovenian National Opera in Ljubljana, The Croatian National Theatre in Split, Festival de Prado in Italy, Summer Festival in Split Croatia, São Paulo Municipal Theatre in Brazil, Rio de Janeiro Municipal Theatre in Brazil, Holland Dance Festival, Movimentos International Dance Festival in Wolfsburg, Germany, Solo - Tans - Theater Festival International in Stuttgart, Germany, Tel Aviv International Dance Festival, and Teatro del Liceu Barcelona.


with Sao Paulo Ballet Brazil

with Sao Paulo Ballet in Brazil

Coratian National Ballet (Split).jpg

With Croatian National Ballet in Split.

Gagik as a dancer

choreographer, Louis Falco

 Olga Roriz, choreographer

5 Tangos, Hans Van Manen

memories of Piaff 

Libera me 2.jpg

choreography Vasco Wellenkemp 


With Milko Sparem Bleck 

Afrodite Sparembleck.jpg

Triumph of Afrodite

choreography: Milko Sparembleck 

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