Welcome to the magical world of contemporary dance

I believe my works have been shaped in response to my performing experiences influenced by choreographers with whom I worked with and also embodying my life experiences, my journey as a teenager from Middle East to the West world, my joys and sorrows hence my works entail  highly physical and yet meaningful ,rooted desire to create emotional bound within the artists and the audience.

Getting to a state of an emotional journey is one of my aims.

Art divulges and renews life. I would like to create pieces that intrude your emotions, elevate the curiosity and sensitivity towards your own organic self and space.

ABOUT the choreographer

Gagik Ismailian



Portuguese Nationality, of Armenian origin born in Tehran.


Studied in Tehran/Iran continued study in United Kingdom at the Legat School of Dance and later at the Royal Ballet School in London. Granted Masters of Arts from The University of Surrey (Faculty of Arts and Human Sciences) also in England.


By invitation from Jorge Salavisa he joined as principle dancer in Ballet Gulbenkian in Lisbon-Portugal. He danced contemporary pieces from internationally known choreographers, such as Hans Van Manen, Heinz Spoerli, Jiri Kylian, Nacho Duato, Olga Roriz, Milko Sparemblek, Vasco Wellenkamp, Carlos Trincheiras, Armando Jorge, Christopher Bruce, Louis Falco, Elisa Monte and many others.


He was invited as a Principal Guest Artist to dance the role of Prince Albrecht in much known classical production of Giselle in Teatro Municipal de Rio De Janeiro (Brazil). He has been dancing worldwide, Japan, Australia, USA, Africa, Egypt etc… with Ballet Gulbenkian and the NDT - Nederland’s Dance Theatre.

Artistic Director: Invited as an Artistic Director for the Croatian National Theater in Split,

Invited Ballet Master: Also invited as a Ballet Master by various companies both in Portugal in Europe and also in Brazil.

Commissioned Choreographic pieces: As a choreographer he has created in-numerous Contemporary pieces for various National and independent Dance Companies. His works have been danced in Lisbon by the Ballet Gulbenkian, National Ballet of Portugal and many other companies in Portugal.

International works have been commissioned by; City Ballet of São Paulo (Bale da Cidade de São Paulo- Brazil), the National Theaters such as The Opera Ballet in Croatia (Zagreb, Split and Rijeka) and also National Opera  of Ljubljana, Slovenia.

His works have been awarded at the International Festivals of Osaka (Japan) and Stuttgart (Germany). He has been an invited dance instructor as for Classical Dance Technique and Repertoire at the pré-professional course of the Ballet Gulbenkian,  Academy of Contemporary Dance (Setúbal), The Dance University in Lisbon, invited dance professor for Contemporary and neoclassical dance technique and Choreographic Composition classes in Folkuniversitet  Dance Department in Gothenburg - Sweden.

Ballet Master at the National Theater Split (Croatia) Balé da Cidade in São Paulo, Slovenian National etc..  


Gagik as a dancer

with Sao Paulo Ballet in Brazil

With Milko Sparem Bleck 

Triumph of Afrodite

choreography: Milko Sparembleck 

With Croatian National Ballet in Split.