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In the depths of my being, I embark on an emotional expedition, tracing the intricate threads of my cultural identity. An Armenian, unshakeably Christian, my origins planted in Tehran, yet for forty-five years, Europe has been my sanctuary. Within this soul-stirring odyssey, I unveil "Citadel" – a realm of profound discovery and artistic imagination, where the essence of my heritage finds expression.

In the evocative world of "Citadel," a dystopian tapestry unfolds, an amalgamation of realities where the interpreters' bodies come alive in vibrant resonance. Through the choreographic alchemy, I delve deep into the very essence of the human form, unraveling its mysteries as an instrument of both power and communion. Within the embrace of movement and dance, I lay bare the intricacies of my ethnic identity, each gesture a living brushstroke upon the canvas of my soul.

The dancers, themselves, are architects of "Citadel," weaving their bodies into its fabric, each one a living testament to its existence. They embody the spirit of a civic body, each becoming a building block, a foundational element of this enigmatic nation I have conjured. In this imaginative construct, "Citadel" stands as a creation both tangible and surreal, an ethereal reflection of a reality yet to be.

And within the heart of this spectral realm, "Citadel" emerges as a sacred commodity, a conduit of emotions that transcends the stage and entwines with the souls of the audience. It becomes a threshold of boundless possibilities, where political narratives intertwine with the tapestry of dreams. The spectators, now voyagers in their own right, embark on a profound journey of contemplation, drawn into the mesmerizing dance of existence and ideology.

As the rhythm of "Citadel" resounds through the depths of my being, I am both creator and wanderer in this vivid landscape of emotions. Through every sway and every stance, I lay bare my cultural identity, inviting the world to witness the grand spectacle of "Citadel" – a testimony to the resilience of the human spirit and the boundless power of artistic imagination.

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